The Healthy and Delicious Hidden GEM.

On a stormy day in Dallas, the siren call of The GEM juice bar located inside DUO:All Things Culinary on Lovers beckoned me in. The GEM is tucked inside of a shop that hosts cooking classes, large dinners and those interested in sprucing up the kitchen. Since the small cafe has been open almost 3 months and reviews have been ‘green glowing’, I made my stop in. Plus I had a great Scoutmob deal to use, SOLD.

The sunny feel radiated from the counter where a smiling employee was waiting to change my life. The menu, full of ‘glow, radiant’ and ‘clarity’ made me feel a bit out of touch I’ll admit. I was informed that the ‘Green Glow’ featuring the combined forces of Kale, Cucumber, Lemon, Apple and Ginger was a top seller so I took my chances. While it certainly was a tasty treat, next time I would add ice as room temperature juice encourages a “wait, is this healthy?” mindset I try to fight.

Only because it was lunch time did I make my next move. The GEM trio is a large serving of three fresh made salads from behind the bar. Today, those included a Kale Salad, Quinoa Salad and a Hummus sampler. At first I was apprehensive because lets be honest, when did a salad really fill me up for lunch? Fortunately, the goddesses of the GEM surprised me with a heaping helping of the trio. The Kale Salad was generously mixed with sweet apples, crunchy pistachios and a creamy dressing. Quinoa was light and was spotted with red peppers and torn mint leaves that completed the tasty bit. Lastly was the hummus and ‘sami’s chips’. The hummus was mixed with some sort of salsa verde that took things in a very spicy direction but for me was a nice kick to a notoriously bland dip, for some it may be best to ask for the ‘green sauce’ on the side!

The great thing about The GEM Juice Bar is the fact that it can be quick take out or perfect for a relaxing lunch at the bar or on the patio. As I watched as Park Cities moms hopelessly encourage their children to try the  soups and salad, I couldn’t help but smile at the effort.

So find yourself healthy and happy without even knowing it at The GEM Juice Bar.

7721 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX.

Open Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 2:30 pm

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